Sharon Streuper-Kievits, Rob van Velzen and their team are pleased to welcome you to Maison Sucre. Sharon is the creative brain and Rob is responsible for the technical side of things. Two totally different characters that share a passion and love for interiors. This combination is what makes the interiors created by Maison Sucre so special.

From Suikertuin to Maison Sucre

Sharon and Rob got to know each other at the interior design firm Suikertuin. They decided to found Maison Sucre with a new interior design formula in the centre of Rotterdam. They jointly design furniture, have fabrics woven and have even launched their own paint collection. This enables them to optimally coordinate the colours in their interiors.

‘Easy Classic’

The style can best be described as ‘easy classic’, a warm, comfortable style full of luxurious details. In the opulent and stylish world of Maison Sucre you can revel in lavish seating in classic shapes, perfectly combined with unique colours and accessories, not forgetting the absolutely gorgeous curtains.

We enjoy unburdening our clients, to let them get on with their busy lives. Since we have everything in-house, you don’t need to look any further. We collaborate with professional upholsterers and painters in our network so that the communication lines are kept short and everything can be effectively managed. As soon as our Maison Sucre truck arrives outside, the furbishing can finally begin. We only leave once the paintings have been hung and the tea lights have been lit. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy.