We like to get to know you personally during a meeting at the showroom, while enjoying a good cup of coffee or a cappuccino. Interior design is a customised process that is fully aligned to your particular wishes. After all, how do you make sure the type of floor, colour of the kitchen, lighting, position of the fireplace, paint on the walls and other wishes for your home are all coordinated to produce a beautiful and harmonious result?

Due to our years of experience related to building and renovation advice we advise you to involve us in the building project early on in the process. Since we work from inside out, the building style, building materials and the interior are perfectly coordinated.

Everything is considered in detail in advance and implemented so that the end result exceeds all expectations.

During a personal discussion with Sharon you jointly examine the building drawings, plans, photos, and all components of the design are addressed. This includes the layout of the home, type of floor, height of the plinth, position of the fireplace, lighting plan and paint advice.


Over the course of several appointments a ‘fully tailored’ interior design proposal evolves, which incorporates all your wishes for your home. As a result of her years of experience Sharon is soon able to translate your wishes for your home during a discussion, and sometimes advises you to be rather more daring and bolder in your interior that you had planned. She adheres to her basic principle, which means that clients can always identify with the new interior in the Maison Sucre ambiance.

What’s more we always advise you with respect to your financial budget not to compromise on style or quality but rather to adopt a step-by-step plan so that clients can grow in their interior towards a complete atmospheric end result.