Caring for and maintaining wooden furniture

Do you want to care for and maintain your wooden furniture properly? If so, it is important to follow the right instructions. Below we provide a few practical tips and instructions to help you care for your wooden furniture.

A large number of our items are made from wood. This is a natural product and affords each item its own unique appearance. The wooden items displayed in our online store and in our showroom will never look exactly the same, as a natural product always has variations in structure and colour.

Our wooden items with solid wood components; such as dining tables, legs, side tables, lamp stands, etc. may display cracks over time. This is normal for solid wood and is not considered by us to be a fault. Our wooden items are always thoroughly inspected by our staff when they are delivered to us. Maison Sucre aims for consistency in terms of the appearance and quality of all its furniture.


Regular maintenance

It is important to install your wooden furniture and items in rooms with a constant temperature. Since wood is a natural product and a living material it responds to temperature differences in rooms. If the temperature is too high or too low this may cause a crack to form. We recommend you keep the room temperature between 16 and 24 degrees. A room’s air humidity is also important. We recommend this be maintained at between 55 and 75%.

To keep your furniture clean we advise you to remove any stains / circles immediately with a damp cotton cloth.
You can use a cleaning product diluted with lukewarm water. Attention: do not use any abrasive cleaning products. If you do, you may permanently damage the wooden item’s lacquer. After cleaning your item of furniture you can polish the surface with a soft cloth.

To prevent any scratches on your furniture we recommend you always stick felt underneath decorative items, trays, bouquets and other accessories. With normal use the lacquer prevents your furniture from circles, humidity stains and light scratches. The furniture lacquer is not scratch-proof and is not resistant to alcohol, tea or corrosive substances.

To prevent discolouration of your furniture we recommend that you do not position it in direct sunlight.