Furniture care

Curious about the best way to care for your Maison Sucre furniture? Here are some tips and maintenance instructions to help you on your way!

Maison Sucre seating is designed to provide years of seating comfort. The lifespan of our furniture largely depends on the intensity with which it is used.

We recommend that you carefully read the following information to ensure your furniture lasts as long as possible.

The filling used in our furniture is mainly cold foam. This means that in the beginning they provide firmer seating comfort, which decreases over time. The fabric may display crease formation over time the more the furniture is used. Unfortunately this is not covered by our guarantee and applies to woven as well as synthetic leather fabrics. We would also like to point out that all fabrics are sensitive to light and may shrink. We cannot provide any guarantee on the possible shrinkage or discolouration of fabrics caused by daylight, sunlight, artificial light or as a result of other influences.

The fabrics we use are suitable for intensive use unless indicated otherwise. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that fabrics may be damaged as a result of everyday use by clothing haberdashery or by allowing your pets on the furniture. Light coloured fabrics are often more vulnerable to stains and colour transfer from clothing textiles. Examples include black / dark blue jeans.


Looking after upholstered furniture

We always request you contact us when cleaning an item of furniture. We would be happy to inform you about product compositions since each stain must be treated differently. For maintenance we recommend you use a clean cloth free of any soap residue.

Furthermore slight deviations in colour or design are possible compared with the examples displayed.