Designing as if it’s your home

This project involved the complete decoration and styling of a monumental country house dating back to 1915, occupying a high location in an area rich with woodland. Although the building did possess fine characteristics and exuded a stately air, it had not been occupied or maintained for a long time. The new occupants wanted to restore this property’s allure and entrusted us with the task of fully decorating and styling it, as well as the related building supervision.

Its new function and design was established during the series of meetings, in our showroom as well as at the actual property: a family home with rooms the whole family could enjoy.

We supported the client in discussions with the architect so that the exterior of the property could be seamlessly designed to match the interior. From the outset an interior and styling design was produced that ensured each question that came from the architect could be answered with the end result in mind.