These occupants first entrusted us with decorating the ground floor. Restyling sometimes involves taking a step back from your own objects to restore calm and balance to an interior.

We were subsequently asked to design an atmospheric decor for the bedroom as well as to create additional wardrobe space. One of the challenges we encountered was the room with the pointed roof – being used as an office.

We suggested swapping the rooms around, so that each room could be optimally used. This appeared to be the ideal solution and the various rooms acquired new functions. Our painter then took over, the carpet fitter fitted carpet throughout so that the whole floor felt brand new again.

The room with the pointed roof was transformed into a bedroom, the shape of the room reinforced the cosy atmosphere we created with the objects, curtain fabric and especially the luxurious chandelier.

The ‘former’ bedroom was converted into a dressing room. Using light colours increases a feeling of spaciousness. For this client we produced a luxury, tailor-made fitted wardrobe with decorative elements. By including an attractive showcase in the middle, combined with a storage bench, the room was complete in terms of style.